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Journal of Real Estate Analysis. Vol. 6, No. 2, 2020

Determinants of Retail Goodwill of the Commercial Gentrified Area in Seoul
서울시 상업 젠트리피케이션 발생 지역의 권리금 결정요인에 관한 연구
J. Real Estate Anal. 2020;6(2):1-19.
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An Analytical Study on the Effects of the Changing Shipbuilding Business on Apartment Sales Prices in Ulsan
조선업 경기 변동이 울산아파트 매매가격에 미치는 영향 분석 연구
J. Real Estate Anal. 2020;6(2):21-35.
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The Relationship between Public and Private Mortgage Loan in Korea
정책모기지와 시중은행 주택담보대출의 상호 영향에 관한 연구
J. Real Estate Anal. 2020;6(2):37-60.
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An Analysis of Preference for Real Estate Assets according to the Degree of Risk Aversion
위험회피성향에 따른 부동산 자산 선호 분석
J. Real Estate Anal. 2020;6(2):61-81.
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The Utilization and Influence of Fourth Industrial Revolution Technology in Appraisal Work
4차 산업혁명기술의 감정평가업무 활용과 영향
J. Real Estate Anal. 2020;6(2):83-102.
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Legal Function of the Korea Real Estate Board and Future Legislative Tasks
한국부동산원의 법적 기능과 향후 입법과제
J. Real Estate Anal. 2020;6(2):103-115.
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