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Journal of Real Estate Analysis. Vol. 8, No. 1, 2022

Is There a Bubble in the Housing Market in Seoul?
서울 아파트 가격은 거품인가?
J. Real Estate Anal. 2022;8(1):1-21.
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Impacts of Population Extinction Risk and Unsold New Housing on Regional Housing Prices according to Urban Spatial Characteristics
도시공간 특성에 따른 인구소멸 위험과 미분양이 지역 주택가격에 미치는 영향
J. Real Estate Anal. 2022;8(1):23-40.
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An Analysis of the Effects of Income and Wealth on Home-Ownership by Dwelling Area
소득 및 자산에 따른 주거면적별 주택점유형태 분석
J. Real Estate Anal. 2022;8(1):41-60.
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How Do the Housing Supply and Market Price Change Affect the Increase and Decrease of Newlyweds in a Region?: A Spatial Analysis Study Using Geographic Weighted Regression
지역별 주택 공급과 시장가격 변화는 신혼부부 증감에 영향을 미치는가?: 지리적가중회귀분석을 활용한 공간분석 연구
J. Real Estate Anal. 2022;8(1):61-83.
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Effects of Walkable Neighborhood Environment on Housing Prices: Comparison between Apartment Complexes and Multi-Family Housing
보행친화적 근린환경이 주택가격에 미치는 영향: 아파트와 연립다세대 주택의 비교를 중심으로
J. Real Estate Anal. 2022;8(1):85-107.
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The Effect of Urban Railway Opening on House Prices in a New Town in the Metropolitan Area: The Case of Gwanggyo New Town
수도권 신도시 내 도시철도 개통에 따른 주택가격 변화: 광교신도시 사례
J. Real Estate Anal. 2022;8(1):109-125.
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The Analysis on the Determinants of Housing Policy Preference: Focusing on the Demand and Supply Strategies
주거지원정책 선호의 결정요인 분석: 수요 및 공급 정책에 초점을 맞추어서
J. Real Estate Anal. 2022;8(1):127-148.
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An Exploratory Study on Location Evaluation of Logistic Real Estate Considering Regional Income and Transport Distance
지역별 소득규모와 운송거리를 고려한 물류부동산 입지 평가에 관한 탐색적 연구
J. Real Estate Anal. 2022;8(1):149-168.
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A Study on the Double Taxation of Housing-Related Taxes
주택 관련 세제의 이중과세에 대한 고찰
J. Real Estate Anal. 2022;8(1):169-192.
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Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Food Business in Seoul
코로나바이러스감염증-19 발생이 서울시 외식업 매출에 미치는 영향
J. Real Estate Anal. 2022;8(1):193-217.
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