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Journal of Real Estate Analysis. Vol. 8, No. 2, 2022

The Effect of Interest Rates and Mortgage Lending on House Prices: A Three-Regime Model
이자율 및 주택담보대출이 주택가격에 미치는 영향: 3-국면 모형
J. Real Estate Anal. 2022;8(2):1-17.
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A Study on the Determinants of Tenure Choice by Region and Housing Type: Focused on Consumption Preference and Investment Preference
권역별, 주택유형별 가구의 점유형태 결정요인 분석: 소비선호집단과 투자선호집단을 중심으로
J. Real Estate Anal. 2022;8(2):19-37.
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Analysis of Income Effect of Living in Public Rental Housing in Seoul: Focusing on Rental Benefits
서울 공공임대주택 입주에 따른 소득효과 분석: 임대료 편익을 중심으로
J. Real Estate Anal. 2022;8(2):39-55.
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The Effects of Technopark Development, Location, and Operation Features on Regional Economic Growth Using Panel FGLS
패널FGLS를 이용한 테크노파크 조성 및 입지, 운영특성이 지역경제 성장에 미치는 효과 분석
J. Real Estate Anal. 2022;8(2):57-73.
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The Analysis on the Determinants of Elderly Households’ Residential Mobility Plan Using Bivariate Probit Model: The Case of the Elderly Households in Busan, Ulsan, and Gyengsangnam-do
이변량 프로빗 모형을 이용한 노인가구의 주거이동 의사 결정요인 분석: 부산·울산·경남 노인가구를 대상으로
J. Real Estate Anal. 2022;8(2):75-94.
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A Study on the Risk Factors of the Land Replotting Approach in the Private Sector-Led Urban Development Project: Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process
환지방식 민간도시개발사업의 위험요인 분석: AHP 분석을 활용하여
J. Real Estate Anal. 2022;8(2):95-119.
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North Korea’s Housing Allocation System and the Characteristics of Informal Housing Market under Kim Jong-un’s Regime
북한의 주택배정제도와 비공식 주택시장 발전의 제한성: 김정은 정권 시기를 중심으로
J. Real Estate Anal. 2022;8(2):121-144.
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