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Journal of Real Estate Analysis. Vol. 1, No. 1e, 2015

A Study on the Method for the Classification of Homogeneous Land Price Areas
J. Real Estate Anal. 2015;1(1e):1-26.
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A Study on Forecasting Model for Apartment Housing Price Index Reflecting Model Uncertainty: Focused on BMS, BMA
J. Real Estate Anal. 2015;1(1e):27-52.
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Research on Factors Affecting Intention to Adopt Big data in the Real Estate Field
J. Real Estate Anal. 2015;1(1e):53-75.
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The Spatio-Temporal Patterns of the Vacant Homes Clusters and Their Impact on the Neighborhood Land Price- The Case of Busan Metropolitan City -
J. Real Estate Anal. 2015;1(1e):77-100.
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A Study on the Adjustment Process of the Rent to Cheonsei Ratio on the Change of Interest Rate in the Seoul Metropolitan Area
J. Real Estate Anal. 2015;1(1e):101-124.
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An Analysis on the Heating Energy Use and Economic Evaluation of Passive Apartments Compared to Existing Apartments*- Focused on the Zero Carbon Green Home -
J. Real Estate Anal. 2015;1(1e):125-150.
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